Thursday, April 26, 2007

Pizza - The View From the Fold

He Said a lot of great things about pizza (see post below), I second the "decent slice" USA geography (growing up on NY pizza), and the overall aspect of structural integrity, i.e. when to pick up the fork and knive. However, I disagree with the Folding comment. Yes, it's true that when you fold a pizza, you get the crust - but it's not unlike the format of a twinkie, the outside is pretty good but you know that there's a treat on the inside. A saucy reward all bundled up!

Of course you do know that you just can't fold a slice of pizza and eat it, it has to be done at a special angle. This is more crucial when eating a pizza with meat products on it (for the grease). As any pizza eater knows, novice or otherwise, you will have this vivid red-orange grease running down your wrists and off your elbow. You need to angle the pizza so that the grease channel forms right down the center of your pizza, and drips out the cracked fold of your crust over your perfectly placed absorbent plate.

The best part is when you get to the crust, the center portion is grease-dampened (mmm) from the channel action while the edges retain their soft-ish slightly crispy texture. I'm a 100% end of the meal crust-eater, in fact, as a child I would save all the pizza crust to the end, and lay in front of the TV eating crust and watching The Love Boat.

If you want good pizza in Boston, get any Pizzeria Regina slice. Otherwise, drive to New York or NJ (where the New Yorkers live with their families). If you're overseas, go to the island of Capri in Italy, step off the ferry and walk about 40 feet to the little cafe in the center of the port. By far, the best freshest indescribable slice of my life. - Dawn


Sylvia said...

mmm... pizzeria regina...

i seem to have food obsessed friends. you might enjoy this.

JGM said...

One word says it all... Pepe's.

After years of looking. New York. Chicago. Lack luster Boston. I found Nirvana on Wooster Street in New Haven, CT. That was over 15 years ago.

I have never lived in New Haven, so this has nothing to do with old girfriends, childhood memories, or my grandmother. It's all about the pizza.

Not only is the regular pizza unbelievably good... crusty with just the right amount of sauce, yet doughy where it should be... all with a bit of woodsmoke, brick oven yummy. But, the pie that makes all others pale is the clam pizza.

Pepe's signature clam pizza is "to die for." It is very simple. A crust cooked to perfection with garlic, olive oil, a little salt, some cheese and fresh chopped clams. It's indescribable. So good it makes my mouthwater just thinking about it.

I like to order two pies, a regular pie (maybe with onions and peppers) and a clam. That way you can alternate bites! A little tomato yum... and then the clam... MMMM yes, Nirvana.

Everytime I pass through New Haven, it is always a question, "Should we stop at Pepe's?" I have been back about twenty times and it is always excellent.

In the world of pizza commentary (yes, that world does exist) there is a debate as to which pizzaria in New Haven is best. I will not debate, as I will admit right now that I have not been to Sally's. There, I have opened the door, I will leave it to others to wage that war.

In my book, Pepe is king. Their pizza rings all my bells just the right way. I don't need to look anymore. I just need to get in the car... I know were satisfaction is. For me, it's at Pepe's.

If you have never been, plan the roadtrip. Or better yet, get in the car now.

Call me, before you hit the turnpike, I may be able to come!

Rengine said...

Regina is good... but...
I am kinda partial to Bertucci's.

Anyone ever try the Flatbread Co. in Portsmouth or Amesbury? Not that it's my favorite pizza, but I do like the atmosphere. So, what about atmosphere?? What about acoutrements? I.e. Enviroment, BEER, dishware, utensils... and did I mention BEER??

HMMMMM..... one of my favorite things about eating pizza is that one must ALWAYS drink beer (those of age, of course) with pizza. I think it was one of those 5 extra commandments that were lost when Moses dropped the extra tablets?

Well... ok, if one were somehow considering (through some act of insanity) drinking an alternate beverage other than BEER with his/her pizza, what would it be??

sarah said...

flatbread is delicious, but it's kind of like bertucci's, a slightly different twist on pizza.

my favorite beverage to drink with pizza is definitely rootbeer (almost like regular beer...). i dip the crust in the rootbeer - don't gag until you've tried it.

p.s. i like the FV flyer behind the piece of folded pizza haha

teachtoonz said...

I'm originally from New York State, so I got used to the New York brand of pizza. Large slices with a robust sauce, real cheese and enough toppings that half of them fall off into the box when you grab a slice. Moving to New England was a real culture shock. Lots of places with small slices, too-thin crusts and fake cheese.

This past weekend I returned home from DC and decided to stop at the much-praised Santarpio's Pizza near Logan Airport. The pizza there is very tasty with a slightly burnt crust that can only come from a wood-fired oven. However the crust is so thin that the pizza itself can literally come apart in your hands when you eat it! Fortunately I caught the "debris" before it messed up my clothes.

While no one will ever confuse me with a Yankees fan, I do miss New York for its pizza!