Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Portion Control - and I mean CONTROL

I'm not sure at what age this came about, but I've been a huge fan of eating my food "evenly" until it is finished. Perhaps it was a fondness for the trio of tastes on my plate, or a culinary match made in heaven, but some foods taste so good you can't bear to eat one first and be done with it - the good feeling must go on! The hardest part is trying to decide what bite you are going to end on...

The photo here is the tail end of a brunch this past Sunday with bacon, scrambled eggs dry (I will write about 'buffet eggs' at some point when I can get a good wiggly wet egg photo of them), and marble rye toast. I must not tell a lie, I had a side of french toast (one slice) that was puddled in butter and only lasted about 8 seconds. For the record, I ended up on the rye toast as a last bite, preferring a crunchy butter bite to greasy meat or eggy eggs. - SHE SAID


Brian Grossman said...

She Said,

Additionally, you've got the scenario where you save the one part of your meal that you like best for the end. In theory, this is an exercise in delayed gratification resulting in a perfect final bite, but there are a couple dangers:

1. Sometimes you have the opportunistic spouse or child who will yoink your last bite right out from under your nose.

2. The horrible irony of saving your favorites for the end, only to realize that you're too full to enjoy them!

-He Said

mb said...

Interesting thoughts on this issue. I myself (being small in stature and having an equally small stomach) have learned to eat the best parts of my meal first... and then the "fillers" last. This is to prevent becoming too full on "fillers", regardless how yummy they are. What am I referring to as "fillers"? Those taunting starches! The breads and rolls restaurants put out while you're waiting... or sides of fried potatoes with breakfast. I love a side of fried potatoes with breakfast, but really... it's the omelet or Eggs Benedict, or even the fried eggs and bacon, that are the "headliners" in my breakfasts when dining out, or perhaps the broiled scallops with steamed asparagus with my dinner... so the breads and potatoes... I either eat last, or eat sparingly throughout the meal.

Regardless, I agree that the control of portions, as well as the timing of how and when we consume certain parts of a good meal are very important considerations!

- Maribeth