Thursday, January 3, 2008

Sharing Pregnancy Cravings

So the big news is out - yes the 'She Said' blogger is pregnant - 26 weeks and sure looking like it. One of the most exciting parts about being pregnant and contributing to a food blog was the anticipation of those insane cravings! Maybe it's an "only time will tell" thing, but I'm sorely disappointed at this stage... I was expecting pickles and pez, or whipped cream on tacos. I've had only a few cravings - but I will share nonetheless my three noteworthy food fests to date.

The most NORMAL one is CORNBREAD.
I craved it enough to make my own muffins (first batch used the coarse grain corn meal - don't do that!) a few times. I've even begged an official southerner for a real cornbread recipe. I think I've eaten more cornbread in the past two months than in my lifetime so far. It's currently my favorite food in bulk.

The most OPPOSITE one to my normal palette is BBQ.
For some reason, I really don't care to order much BBQ ever. Today was a banner day... driving to work 8am craving BBQ. That is not me at all... that is clearly a small child talking through me, or a large tumor in my brain (hopefully the former of the two). The best part is I got BBQ for lunch today, with a side of cornbread.

The STRANGEST craving so far is not so much the choice of food, but the temperature of it. While driving home one evening, I had this insane need for CHILLED YODELS. Not room temp, not frozen, but chilled. There is something about the cool creamy filling wrapped around the thin yodel cake, enrobed in a crisp but thin chocolate layer. Heaven.

After reading the most recent blog entry about Flip Flop waffles, I might have to try those on the new waffle iron my husband got for Christmas. I don't even LIKE waffles... but I bet the baby does. Stay tuned!


FLOSSY said...

I know the feeling! When I had Xander I went through weird MUST HAVE cravings. Grilled cheese sandwiches...waffles...italian subs...Entenmann's chocolate covered donuts!

I remember being pregnant (but no one knew it) when we hosted a bbq in the BROILING hot summer. Our friend the former chef brought a MEAT SMOKER and smoked PORK on our porch. Thought I would HURL!

Julie said...

I had the BBQ thing this week! Made my own though... and a guest brought the cornbread from a BBQ restaurant which was more perfect and moist than any I've ever made.

The only thing with my cravings though is that once I've had it, I'm DONE with it. Unless it's Ben and Jerry's Chocolate. Can't seem to get turned off of that.

Other stuff in my 11 weeks...Chips, Sun Chips (cheese flavored), cukes with Italian dressing. And I definitely don't want my usual doses of sugar/chocolate.

Pressman said...

Gee - i am not pregnant now but was 19 years ago. omg - anywho - i craved tortellini in tomato sauce. i would dream about it.

good luck all of you prego's and god bless.