Thursday, August 20, 2009

You Know It's A Bad Idea, But Somehow That's Not Enough

So... I'm at the supermarket looking for ice cream and I saw THIS: Edy's Limited Edition Root Beer Float ice cream. Essentially, I know it's going to be a mistake, but I NEED to get it. I figured there was about a 90% that I would be unable to finish a complete bowl without regretting it... yet I still bought it. (It actually turned out to be pretty good!)

It's like when you frequent the same place for lunch and no matter how many times you have to be reminded that you don't like the steak sub there, you find yourself ordering it again and again because you WANT it to be good. Or when you see a commercial for food that you don't even like, but somehow your brain begins to crave it.

Your brain may lie to you, but
your taste buds will not.

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Dawn Haley Morton said...

I have jotted it down on the grocery list, although my better half likes ice cream that is fruit-based (sigh). He DOES like root beer, maybe this is where we can come together in agreement.