Thursday, May 20, 2010

Summer of Love with or without Iced Tea?

As I stand on the brink of voluntarily going off of caffeine in less than two weeks, it turns 88 degrees outside and my body is screaming for an Iced Tea. If I cram it all in and drink Iced Tea every day until June 1st, I'll probably NEED to go off of caffeine for health reasons. This time I'm hopping off the Buzz Bus because I've done it before and LOVED the way I felt. Nice and even-keeled, no highs, no lows.

I'm drinking an Iced Tea RIGHT NOW, my all-natural Snapple Lemon Tea that they stock at work in the 16 oz bottles. I like their Real Facts inside the cap (today's is "Alaska was bought from Russia for about 2 cents an acre"). It tastes SO good.

I also have the Trader Joe's Kettle Brewed Black Tea Gallon at home in the fridge. Perhaps I should work on drinking that up, I usually only partake on weekends when it's hot. Last year, it took me all summer to drink one gallon, and I need to polish it off in less than 2 weeks?

I am in the process of investigating DECAF options, so if anyone has quality decaf iced tea options by the gallon, or other suggestions, please share. Oh, and hurry, June 1st is coming up fast!


Pam said...

Get an iced tea maker (this is the one I have, and I love it). It makes 3 quarts at a time in about 10 minutes. My mother doesn't drink caffeine, so I make it with a mix of decaf black tea and hibiscius tea.

HoppyC1 said...


Unless you want it creeping in under the green tea and/or "decaf" label, try to find some herbal teas, since there is not any caffeine in them to begin with. I get mine from TJ's and the local natural foods store.

Gabriel said...

Iced Tea Diet. Wow, this sounds like a great diet! :) I haven't heard any decaf iced tea yet, though...