Monday, February 11, 2008

Late-Night Dinner

If you're like me, you'll frequently find yourself hungry around 10PM, ready for dinner, but lacking one key ingredient: motivation. After a busy day of doing whatever it is that you do, who wants to cook? Sure... you've heard of folks who write up a menu and go shopping on Sunday night for the whole week... but where's the challenge in that?

When I'm faced with this problem, here's my solution:

Step 1: Fry two eggs in a nonstick pan with Pam. I like to break the yolks and leave them just a touch runny. Meanwhile...

Step 2: Make some toast, or better yet, toast an english muffin. Slice the fried egg in half. Stick a butter knife under the center of the egg and fold it in half, yolk-side out. Put this on top of your toast or english muffin.

Step 3: Top with salsa. I happen to like Newman's Own Black Bean and Corn salsa (which I happen to NOT like on chips) for this purpose. Additionally, I add some jalapeƱo peppers. Eat it open-face style.

Do you have any ideas for the quick, late-night dinners?

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