Saturday, February 16, 2008

Pistachio Macaroons - Mike's Pastry, Boston

A few years ago, I discovered what may be the best cookie I'll ever eat.

Mike's Pastry is an extremely popular bakery in Boston's North End (the line runs out the door after dinner on the weekends). While they have great cannolis, impressive butter cookies, and beautiful marzipan items, their pistachio macaroons are a hidden gem.

Some may find them a little too sweet or too rich (two things I've never experienced), but these things are amazing. They are covered in powdered sugar, the outside is just barely crunchy, the inside is chewy, almond-infused, and spotted with pistachios. Next time you're grabbing a cannoli, make sure you pick up a few of these cookies as well.

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Marli said...

My macaroon enjoyment has always been tarnished by my association of macaroons with coconut. I hate coconut.

Are you saying that instead of coconut, the Mike's Pastry macaroons are made of the most wonderful things ever, almonds and pistachios?!

Brian Grossman said...

Marli - It should be noted that not all macaroons are made with coconut. Some use almonds instead. Check WikiPedia: for more info

Siria said...

I discovered your blog while doing a search for a pistachio macaroon recipe like those at Mike's Pastry in Boston. I was just there this past weekend and bought a few on a whim since I do love macaroons. I have been dreaming of having more since! They are the most fabulous cookie I have ever had!!!

I like your blog!

Angie said...

I too have been obsessing over Mike's Pastry pistachio macaroons since November when I tried them. I had them one night and insisted on cabbing across the city again the next night so I could have them again. I've suggested to my girlfriend that we move to Boston, into an apartment above the bakery, just so I can have them frequently. I don't think she's going for it.

betsykim said...

Just got back from Boston and stopped by Mikes. I told my husband he had to try the pistachio macaroons because I thought it may just be my new favorite cookie ever. I came home and Googled hoping to find a recipe and found your blog. I love almond and knew the minute I took a bite, this wasn't the coconut version and must be made with almond paste. I was pleasantly surprised and now I'm on the hunt for a recipe so that I can make my own!

Brian Grossman said...

betsykim: Apparently, we're not alone. Maybe you can give one of these a try and let us know how it goes:

Next time you're in Boston, you should check out the Pistachio Cookies at Bova's Bakery, too. They are softer, without the subtle crunch that Mike's has, but they're a touch richer and yummy, too!