Saturday, May 17, 2008

If You Love Food, Spin Your Leek

This blog posting is barely food related, other than it involves a leek.

A few years back, someone introduced me to After a brief respite, the site is back. As it's one of my favorite sites ever, I had to share.

It's simple, VERY catchy, and addictive to the Nth degree (at least for me). It makes me want to skip down the street singing this little ditty. The cycling animation is brilliant at only a few frames. Please enjoy this website and pass on the leekspin love.


Phil said...

go leekspin! I spun for 3:49 seconds before I even moved my eyes from their fixed position on the spinning leek. Of course it was before I had coffee and after a late night ... but still - bravo!

BTW - kids love it ~ num-num!

FLOSSY said...

I think I would rather have "Chocolate Rain" stuck in my head... Or maybe "Ken Lee".