Thursday, May 8, 2008

Is Coleslaw A Sustainable Resource?

Quick thought:
What's the percentage of coleslaw that is actually eaten vs. thrown away?

Crying shame. Poor cabbage!


Dawn Haley Morton said...

BRAVO! Brian has stated something that everyone has taken part in... the tossing of the slaw. I for one am a fan of cole slaw, I'll always taste it - being born and raised in NJ, I'll eat just about anything. The cole slaw I throw out each time is the kind that uses shredded-to-bits cabbage, not the traditional julienne style cut but it looks more like rice. Has it been stored so long it degraded into bits, or did it go through the Fargo food chopper from hell?

Renee Kurilla said...

umm...i loooove coleslaw :) does that make me weird?

Brian Grossman said...


Sadly, yes. Yes it does.


I actually like it, but for some reason, I never eat it when I get it as a side. Can't figure it out.

Kathy Weller said...

I like cole slaw. but only when it's respectable, and not carelessly made. that kind of cole slaw's a crying shame.

William said...

I really like coleslaw,
even the kind with pineapple in it.

Phil said...

a side dish - relegated to the realm of kale. Indeed a shame. Cuz, I be lovin' coleslaw ...

Not sure how this cool, crunchy combo got dropped into that empty space on a lunch / dinner plate ( and yes, I'll almost always toss the kind with the too-thick [ magically stabilized ] sauce and insanely tiny cabbage chunks too ).

The place that had the best coleslaw for me anyway, was this restaurant in the east village called Mamma's - still there ( I think it moved from 3rd and B ), its SO worth the trip.

Having kids has given me the chance to eat two times the amount of slaw that sits unattended, changing the viscosity of the mashed potatoes. That bloody sugary, vinegary taste is one of my favs and usually goes with most food that I shove up in my face ... viva la coleslaw!