Sunday, July 13, 2008

Cutting Brownies

Here's a trick that my wife taught me when cutting a pan of brownies. Cut off about 1/2" of brownie from the edges of the pan, then cut up and serve only the insides. This approach works great for two reasons:
  1. None of your brownies will be 'edge pieces' (aside from my father, people tend to prefer the inner pieces).
  2. If you've made the pan of brownies for company, you can eat the edges you've cut off without feeling guilty that you're eating food you made for guests.


Dawn Haley Morton said...

Genius! Especially the part about the baker getting "clean up the edges" themselves.

Heather said...

I think this plan is genius for one important reason: The edges (espceially corners) are my FAVORITE part! So if I'm cutting them off to save my guests from having to eat the "icky" parts, that leaves more edges for me!

cap'n john said...

Not so fast, save some edges for me, too, they're my favorite! For fellow edge-lovers I offer the following link to a brownie pan designed to "add edges to every serving" -- -- so good it's US Patent #6,412,402!