Sunday, March 8, 2009

Girl Scout Cookies Eating Tip #1 - Thin Mints and Milk

This was an ancient history trick I learned from my pal John Haley, and for a Fun Food Fight foodie it's awesome. You take your newly acquired box of Thin Mints and some milk. You need a glass that is more shallow - wide enough for you to get a cookie and some of your finger into it.

Bite a tiny bit off at the twelve o'clock and six o'clock positions (top and bottom) as seen here on the right. Lower the cookie so that the bottom of the cookie is in the milk, and the top of the cookie is up. Lean in and suck the milk THROUGH the thin mint cookie, like you're syphoning a gas tank. Once the milk has passed all the way through for one or two rounds, pull the cookie out of the milk and eat it.

The chocolate cookie casing holds the milk and cookie in without breaking apart or getting wet chunks in your milk (like oreos). It brings the taste of a Thin Mint cookie to a great height... the minty chocolate infused with cool creamy milk is extremely delightful and carries this decadent weight of goodness to it like an $8 restaurant dessert. I highly encourage you to try this. If anyone has comments to this, or other tips and tricks for snacking on your favorite girl scout cookies (in small amounts or eating them by the row) please tell us!


Brian Grossman said...

This is brilliant!!!!! Almost makes me wonder if THIS is why the thin mint was invented.

Phil McMahon said...

w0w ~ as a fervent milk-softened cookie eater AND a total fan of these damned thin mint cookies AND the fact that they are milk resistant except when augmented with various nips & bites to get the milk in there ... I never thought to use it this way .... I am the happiest man on the planet now ... I think I actually owe you money for this ;]

Krishna Chavda said...

oh em gee. i totally want thinmints to try this out!!