Monday, June 16, 2008

Things You Eat In A ROW

You can’t have come this far in life and never polished off a “row” of your favorite snack food. Perhaps you don’t want to admit it, because in some packages a row constitutes upwards of 20 items on average. Whether it was in high school or yesterday, it happens to all of us.

Here are a few of my favorite things I could eat by the row (from recent to past history):
- Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies
- Fig Newtons
- Oreos (not Double Stuff)
- Pringles (this means the whole can)
- Vienna Fingers

Those of us who have had our highly indulgent moments can look back on the food fest with a bit of embarrassment or pride. What is YOUR weakness, and more importantly, are you big enough to admit it?


Brian Grossman said...

Great idea, Dawn!

How about Pez? I love those things. Unfortunately, I never get around to loading up the dispenser...

One thing I picked up in your posting that shouldn't go unmentioned. Double-stuff Oreos are the Devil's brainchild. They just aint right.

Similarly, I talked about the 'Big Kit Kat' in my Ratios posting a while back:


Marli said...

Shortbread. ooooh that'll make you sick.