Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Coconut M and M's, Easter Candy or not?

If I were ten years old, I would stick out my tongue at this package of Coconut M&M's. Adult Candy, blech! My co-worker Dana who manages to find interesting food often asked if I wanted to try these treats, to which I replied 'Hells Yeah' or something equally zealous.

The M's themselves have different artwork on them, palm trees, flowers, making it interesting to look at them one at a time instead of inhaling a palm full. The first one I ate was shockingly interesting - first you got the SWEET blast which resonated into "oh yeah that's the coconut part". The second one I ate almost tasted normal, kind of like your 2nd or 3rd beer becomes unnoticeable. By the third one, I could appreciate the ratio - a really good amount of coconut to chocolate for that size.

I liked them. I'm not sure I'd eat too many of them in one sitting, but they're definitely worth a shot.

On an aside, does anyone else associate coconut/chocolate candy with Easter? Where I grew up in Central NJ, we always got this big eggs that were filled with coconut (pictured here is a 1 pound egg!). I was assuming Coconut M&Ms are heralding the approach of Easter, and maybe trying to elbow their way into the Cadbury Mini-Egg market. My co-workers have no association between Easter and coconut. How about you?


Maribeth Bush said...

I dunno - I always associate coconut with a Mounds bar. Actually, I saw a recent TV ad where they're turning all sorts of favorite candy bards, like Mounds (I think), York Peppermint Patties (I think) into M & M type candies. So, is your Coconut M and M's the same thing? Sound yummy to me (though I'm a fan of the dark chocolate and peanut M & M's).

By the way, I DO remember those big candy Easter eggs - but ours always had a peanut butter filling. My mom even had a recipe - and made them!

Julie said...

I grew up in NH and MA and I've never associated coconut with Easter. That said, my stepmother often used it on the cake for dessert after Easter dinner or on the fruit salad she serves with dinner. No one else in my family used coconut on anything, probably because of the texture.

Now I want an Almond Joy!

Brian Grossman said...

Have you seen the Hershey's Pieces that have appeared recently?

They're adding to their line of Reese's Pieces with Almond Joy, Special Dark, and York Peppermint Patty Pieces.

We have the York Peppermint Patty ones at home, but I'm intrigued by the Almond Joy ones... as well as these Coconut M&M's!

Thanks for the posting, Dawn!