Monday, February 14, 2011

Cake Pops, Oh Boy!

One of our clients sent us a box of Valentine treats today from Candy's Cake Pops. Great packaging, colorful, and laden with these mysterious delights. There's a little card that explains that the color on the bottom of the stick refers to the cake flavor inside. I swiftly tried the cherry chip Cake Pop (new!), and boy, was that good. It was enrobed in dark chocolate, and the delicate balance between chocolate, cake, and portion size was fantastic. Beats cupcakes hands down in mess factor. Give these guys a call and order a box today, you will NOT be disappointed!

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lahmes said...

I have ordered some from there before too! They are really amazing and they constantly change their flavors....I had a thanksgiving order and the pumpkin pie cake pop was to die for!