Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow = eat bread and drink milk NOW

During a storm, I wonder what percentage of people actually run out to the store to buy milk and bread specifically, and what remaining number laugh hysterically and wonder why those two items are the law for people to fend off snowbound hunger. I would guess it's a solid 62 to 38 in favor of the panic attack purchase.

My mother told me on Monday that she went out and got milk and bread before the Tuesday through Wednesday storm. My mother lives alone, and actually manages to drink a gallon of milk every few days. This makes sense.

I know in my house, it takes my husband and I seven to ten days to drink one half gallon of 1% organic milk, and my toddler a half gallon of whole milk about 5 days. Have we ever been snowbound for more than 5 days? OK, the blizzard of '78 aside, no such luck.

As an adult on the occasions where I find myself wandering the food store the eve of A BIG STORM, I tend to go for more of the comfort foods or ingredients to make them with. I shop like it's the weather superbowl - special occasion snacks like tortilla chips and salsa plus the basic food group standards. Sure, there might be the occasional box of HoHo's that slip into the cart (since those last about 19 years, just in case), but there are such a finite amount of combinations I can make with bread. I have to eat sandwiches for lunch all the time, and sure, when your electric is out [your milk spoils] but PB&J is king. However, if I have a working kitchen it's omelettes or french toast or macaroni and cheese, hell, even brussell sprouts. Cooking in a snowstorm is our modern day survival instinct. Since tomorrow will be a downright mess, I will be baking muffins from scratch.

How about you? Are you a Milk and Bread Soldier tried and true (if so, defend yourself), or are you staring at the empty milk display at the store saying, "uh DUH"?


Anonymous said...

I figure they're all going to make French Toast (milk, bread, eggs). Me, I just make sure there's bacon. That's waiting for me after the snow-shoveling. --sas

HoppyC1 said...

Come on Dawn. don't you know this is the time for baking New Orleans Bread Pudding! Bourbon Vanilla creme sauce and maybe a little for the cook, and you're good to go... Nowhere! So good you just want to eat it by a nice fire, snuggle, and heavenly tasting goodness. [Also, you wouldn't want to try driving after having very much of the Bourbon Vanilla Creme sauce... especially if there are any impediments: weather, physical, psycho, etc.]