Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Fizz Pop goes the Firecracker Chocolate

My trusted supplier of many culinary adventures, the lovely and talented Dana Isenberg, brought in a Firecracker Chocolate. It's made by Chuao Chocolatier, and consists of premium dark chocolate, chipotle, salt and popping candy (to you normal people that means POP ROCKS). I've been a huge fan of the "dark chocolate and salt with [insert anything here]", so true to form I snapped me up three small sections of the chocolate.

At first I started just chewing it, when Dana suggested I just leave it sitting in my mouth and enjoy the show. I think the show was watching the victim eat the chocolate, as she said the best part was watching my face while I ate it. The chocolate was smooth, the chipotle had this subtle kick, the salt rounded it all out. Then came the pop rocks. Fizzzzzzzzzzzzz. I opened my mouth and could hear that signature semi-unholy sound of strange bubbles escaping from a mad scientist's lab. I really could have just eaten one small section. But no, I had three small pieces to see if I could get past the pop rock flavor and see if it melded with the other ingredients. Nope. By the end of the third piece, my throat felt like I had been on an all night vomit-fest, with this weird bitter burning in my throat.

It was time for my afternoon tea, and no one was more surprised than me to drink my black tea and feel like it re-activated the pop rocks in my throat, it started burning all over again.

So, don't you want to run out and try it now? My advice, buy one bar, and share it with 8 friends, you'll be fine! It's worth the flavor experience, complete with the fizzy novelty.


HoppyC1 said...

Sorry Dawn, I don't care for dark chocolate, but had my taste buds BLOWN away by real Belgian Chocolate 30+ years ago in Brussels. I still prefer milk, or the technically accurate, White [non] Chocolate, but I DO appreciate the dark stuff still — even with contaminates: caramel and rock/sea salt. [I get the bar for Elijah and I at Trader Joe's.]

Pop Rocks? No way!

Thanks for the review.

Dana said...

An all night vomit fest! I smell a marketing campaign! At least I think that's what I smell!