Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Is it a breakfast treat or a dessert topping? Bacon Chocolate is BOTH!

After taking the inaugural bite out of Mo's Bacon Bar, my first thought-out-loud was... "How do they get the bacon so small?"

I treated the experience like a wine tasting, as the subject of choice was both decadent and should only be for adults over 21. I shuddered with visions of teenagers getting all hepped up on bacon chocolate on a Saturday night as their parents innocently thought they were eating Doritos and drinking beer in Colby from the soccer team's basement.

I digress - my thoughts in order (after the inaugural one) was, "hey, nice smooth chocolate", then I began marveling at the minute bacon particles broken down into the perfect proportion of meat to chocolate. You only wish that chocolatiers can create that 'wispy shard of its former self' size with coconut. The balance of the two (chocolate and bacon) is perfect, the smoky and sweet blend is quite refined.

I ate this at 11am. I would imagine this would be a good afternoon chocolate, but I'm not sure. Fans of chocolate chip pancakes for dinner could (in reverse) appreciate bacon chocolate for breakfast. I think that is my biggest question, at what point of the day would someone crave the Bacon Bar? In my opinion, this is unchartered territory when it comes to the proper time of the day to eat certain foods. Is this a bachelor party dessert, or a PMS sufferers breakfast-on-the-go dream?

Anyone with a more savory-based palette would find this chocolate interesting. Not interesting enough to eat more than one square at a sitting, but interesting nonetheless. The only true downfall to bacon chocolate is the AFTERTASTE. I didn't expect it to linger, but it did. A co-worker attributed it to the "smoky" type of bacon used, and I concur. I had to do a Gum Chaser (I don't usually chew gum before noon) as I couldn't think of anything else to cleanse the palate.

Try bacon chocolate! It's upwards of $7 a bar, but fun if shared in a group and let us know what YOU think.


FLOSSY said...

I had some interesting chocolate this past weekend while in Paris, it was chili pepper chocolate. Threads of hot spicy chili pepper woven into the chocolate. It was good!

Marli said...

Maybe some mint or lemon ice cream to cleanse the palate?

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