Thursday, August 7, 2008

Would you like a cup of REAL TEA?

Hot tea is something that, as a child, you only have when you’re sick. As you get older, it reappears as a drink alternate and this is when people’s tastes begin to change.

In my teens, I drank black tea with honey. In my 20’s it was black tea with a spoon of sugar and a lot of milk. In my 30’s it was black tea with 16 grains of sugar and a big splash of milk. In my 40’s (as in ‘still 40 for one more month’, thank you) it’s 16 grains of sugar and a medium to small splash of milk. My current reasoning is that the sugar shaves off the bitter high points of the tea, and the right amount of milk provides a nice body to it. That is the way I normally take my tea.

As a ‘tea person’, I also can drink tea with honey, herbal tea, and the only tea so far I couldn’t handle at all was Lapsang Suchong, which tasted like a hot wet ashtray. I love iced tea in its various forms (sweetened and unsweetened home made), the only brands I like in a bottle are real brewed with lemon Snapple and the Assam Black Honest Tea.

As far as hot teas, these are MUST HAVES in order of favorites:

Yorkshire tea – I prefer the red box

Canadian Red Rose tea – Red Rose Brand tea in Canada is MUCH better than the US version, can only be ordered from Canada

PG tips - they have the triangular tea bag

King Cole (they also carry THE BEST black decaf I've had to date)

Barry’s Tea - I've been drinking the Irish Breakfast but I hear it's all good.

If you are a REAL TEA drinker, I strongly encourage you to try these teas! Please comment on your personal favorite teas, we’re willing to try anything if it’s good!


Sissy said...

don't forget to try Revolution Teas at
They are the BEST. I love the Earl Grey Lavender and Pear especially. Their mint and chai teas are brilliant as well. They tea bags themselves are completely unique...they feel exactly like silk. I always feel like I'm whipping up a magic spell when I brew a cup of these teas. MMMMMmmmmmm. I also love to splash a little flavored milk in...something with a bit of vanilla...of course. There's a great song by Colin Hay called Beautiful World that mentions Lapsang Souchon.....go have a listen. -Sissy

Anonymous said...

Well, this is fun -- my first experience with a blog, and about my favorite drink (well, almost)! Good to know about these other teas I haven't tried yet. Earl Grey is an all time favorite, also Tazo Om green tea, and Eco Teas organic Yerba Mate. Sometimes it's fun to mix a couple different teas together, like a green and black...

Marli said...

I'm a big fan of loose leaf chais. Pumpkin Spice chai, Red leaf chai... chai teas generally have a spicier and fuller feel to them, and welcome milk in a way many teas do not.

Tealux, in the Prudential Center, generally carries one or more good chai options.