Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Great Idea - Failed Execution II

Here's another great idea in theory that doesn't quite work in practice -- Blow Pop Minis. I really like Blow Pops (particularly Cherry) and was pretty excited by the prospect of creating a candy that was a Blow Pop without the stick. I always found lollipops to be somewhat cumbersome and will often try to remove the stick and eat it like a sucker.

The Blow Pop Mini just doesn't work. Here's the basic scenario:
  1. Insert a Blow Pop Mini in your mouth
  2. Suck on it for a while (a la that Tootsie Roll Pop owl.... One... Two... Tha-ree... crunch)
  3. Chew it to get at the gum center
  4. Feel unfulfilled with the extremely small amount of gum in your mouth
  5. Insert another Blow Pop Mini
  6. At this point, the gum in your mouth get stuck to the Mini you've just inserted, making the new mini difficult to eat.
Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to wait for the non-mini version as this snack doesn't work for me.

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