Sunday, June 8, 2008

New Tastes

I'm constantly seeking new foods -- hoping I'll taste something truly unique that I've never had before (see the previous post on the durian). At this point in my life, it seems to be quite difficult to find a flavor that truly catches me off guard. I'm therefore jealous of my kids.

The other night, I had the pleasure of giving fried dough and fried oreos to my kids for the first time (see Dawn's post last year). My son's face lit up like he just got the elusive Lego Sponge Bob set that he only asks for about three time a day.

Yet another reason to want to be a kid again. :)

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Bob Flynn said...

BTW, have you had Shark's Fin Soup? I'm not sure I've had the authentic thing...because it's supposedly very expensive (and very WRONG). But I've had it a number of times at Chinese dinner outings...where I encounter most of my strange eatings.